Thomas Pellissier Tanon

Software Engineer. PhD.

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I am a software engineer with a strong research background. I am mainly focusing on data management, databases, and NLP.

I created Oxigraph, a graph database written in Rust and based on the RocksDB key-value store. It focuses on the single-node use case and fully implements the SPARQL language. It is still a work in progress but now provides competitive performances on simple OLTP workloads.

I am also a long-term technical contributor to the Wikimedia projects Wikisource, Wikidata, and Wikipedia. For example, I maintain the ProofreadPage MediaWiki extension that powers the main Wikisource editing workflow. I also created tools to help contribution and data reuse like the Wikisource ePub export tool or the "History Query Service" for Wikidata.

On the research side, I worked on projects related to automated inference on top of databases using both symbolic [1, 2] and neural-network-based [3] methods, data querying [4, 5] and integration [6, 7], and natural language question answering [8].

My email address is Feel free to reach out. I am open to small or medium freelance projects.

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